Closed Circuit Television Security Systems
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 Closed Citcuit TV

CCTV Security Systems for Today's Businesses

Closed Circuit Television Systems display video information on a limited set on monitors. The video can be recorded to help deter theft, vandalism, liability claims and generally let you see what is happening. Security camera systems have become one of the main sources for information when investigation a crime scene. Just the presence of video surveillance is enough to deter many crimes. 


CCTV Security Systems

ADS Security Systems offers a wide variety of CCTV security systems including monitoring packages. Let us help you select the best system to meet your needs. Our experts will analyze your site to be monitored and create a proposal outlining our recommendations. We will suggest optional features or alternative site plans. Modern video surveillance can include motion detection by comparing previous video frames against the current one. CCTV systems are a strong element of your total security system solution.

The Internet can provide remote access for your video surveillance. ADS Security Systems has sever hardware and software systems that will allow you to remotely monitor your facility. CCTV live web cams have become commonplace.

CCTV systems have a variety of applications besides traditional security. Nanny cams and employee monitoring are only a few. Modern miniaturized cameras can be discretely places in clocks and other common items.

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